We understand that shopping online can feel risky. There are some basic fears attached to the experience for those unaccustomed to it.

    "How can I be sure that someone won't steal my credit card information?"

    "How can I be sure that the information I provide won't be sold or passed along to others
     and initiate a barrage of emails, phone calls and junk mail?"

    "How can I be sure that this company is everything they appear to be and say they are?"

Our servers use advanced encryption technology that works with most browsers. This encryption system makes it absolutely impossible for unauthorized parties to read any information that you send us. Our systems within our office safeguard your information from misuse by our personnel as well.

We absolutely do not sell or share any information regarding visitors or customers who have accessed our site to any outside enterprise or organization under any circumstances.

Rebecca's website uses cookies to assign a unique identification number to your computer. Rebecca's creates and then uses these cookie files to track your clicks as you go through the Rebecca's Web site. We only use cookies to keep track of items you put into your shopping cart.