Getting Around
First and foremost you are in a secure area. Any information we receive at this location will not be shared, leased or sold to any company or organization and that's that. We want you to enjoy every experience you have here as well as with our company, not just now but always. We do our utmost to make your contact with us fun and beneficial. When you arrive at our store, you enter the "top level", our Home Page. You can always return to this page by clicking the header logo at the top of your screen, no matter where you go in our store!

The Menu & Search Features
We have outlined a variety of categories for quick navigation through our virtual store. If you click on these categories, we will show you a list of items known to fit inside them. In addition, behind our Home Page sits photos and descriptions of nearly 2,000 separate items. If there is a particular item you are looking for, we urge you to use the "Search" feature on our web site. This allows you to search the store for a specific item or type of items. Enter a simple description of what you might be looking for. Once you have located an item on the list that you are interested in, simply click on the item line and we will take you to a photo of it. If you decide that this is the item you wish to purchase, simply add it to your shopping cart.

Ordering Outside of The United States
We only accept orders that are shipping to the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

In the course of checking out from our online store (or before) you will be asked for a password. We do not want your confidential internet provider password. We are asking that you select an alternate password to correspond with and access your Customer Information for our files. If this is a first time use, you will be prompted to fill out a short form which, when completed, will not be required to filled out again. Please make note of your password. You will need your password to change any information in your file and make future purchases at Your Privacy is important to us. We never sell, share or otherwise exchange your information with anyone.

Item Availability
We ordinarily keep good reliable inventory levels in our warehouse. This site does not verify our inventory levels. If a shortage is detected in your order you will be contacted immediately, at the phone numbers you have provided in your Customer File or through email. Your order will be held until you have responded to our notice. Items that are currently out of stock will be tagged with a "(Out of Stock)" message in the option selection drop down menu.

Parental Consent
Please caution children to consult with their parents before providing any data about themselves, their purchasing profile, preferences or their families. We frequently call first time customers to verify credit card and other data as part of our security program.

Payment Options
While in our secured site, orders that are processed online are paid for by credit card only. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card. Again, please be assured that your transactions here are kept absolutely confidential. Also, in the unlikely event that someone makes unauthorized charges, the cardholder will simply not be liable.

Rebecca's Charges State Sales Tax
State Laws require companies to collect sales tax from residence shipping merchandise to states where the company has established business offices. Rebecca's main office and warehouse operations are in the City of Euless, Texas (at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport): we are, therefore, required to collect sales taxes on orders shipped to locations in the state of Texas.

Shipping Information
We realize that many of the orders we receive are time-sensitive, often ordered for birthday parties, special events and holidays. We offer all known forms of ground and air transportation from our location. Speed and affordability of shipping is a concern we share with you and have a provided a chart of the basic modes of transportation which should be sufficient to meet criteria of affordability as well as delivery well within a ten day time period from the date of your order. Other special shipping needs not covered on our chart, should be communicated directly with our Customer Service personnel after your order has been placed. They will be happy to discuss costs of expedited shipments to you so that your personal deadlines can be met.

We service many Armed Forces outposts. Parcels under 70 pounds are usually shipped Parcel Post. For international shipments, please contact our Customer Service Personnel by dialing (your local country code for the U.S.) (817) 545-2745, ext. 3.

Checking Out
Follow the simple directions as you proceed through our store. Never hesitate to call us for issues that are unclear in the check-out procedure or email your questions if calling is not convenient.

We Stress Communication
We urge you to communicate any thoughts you may have about anything related to our Web site, our products, our overall presentations to you or anything, no matter how small an issue it may seem to you. We can only improve our service to you and to others by being informed by you of how to do so.

Thank You For Choosing Rebecca's Wholesale Novelties! We know you have choices. We will do all we can to deserve your return here!